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What are the Benefits to my Business:

It's a fact that most people looking at search results contact the first or second result on a results page.

If that page contains clutter - they bypass the clutter and go straight to the results.
So as a business don't you think you should be the first result? Then why not pay for placement and gain the edge over larger companies.

By advertising your Business in our "WhatsWhat Business Package" you will receive the following benefits:

1) Guaranteed 1st place (pole position) when users search for your "Service" in your "Town or Selected Area" on a WhatsWhat search. Its a little like paying to advertise on the front page of a newspaper and then buying the headline position. The difference is that you don't have to wait for the paper to be printed - Its live straight away.

So by placing your business advert on WhatsWhat you can choose where to advertise your business and in what Towns, Regions (Areas) or Countries so your customers will find you - number one on the first page of the results. 

2) Guaranteed, your business logo will automatically appear (once paid - see rates) next to your search results entry. A real eye catcher in comparison the other search results.

3) Same day go live!