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The Problem with Business Directories:

Printed Directories:
If the directory is not on-line, you have to wait until its printed and after that the directory must be at hand when you need it. The problem is its not at hand when you need it, it relies on a very narrow selection of businesses to have registered and you have to wait for the publication to be printed. And b  that time its obviously not up to date.

On hand when you need it - sounds familiar - sounds like a mobile phone.

Well that's exactly the reason why we've designed Whats What as a mobile phone App.

On-Line Directories:
Even when the directory is on-line there are Geographic problems. Plus on-line directories require lots of regular data processing and therefore are proportionately very expensive, which of course you pay for. Plus there is always the question of who is at the top of the listing?

And finally. Have you ever been told that its the best directory in "Wherever"? Only to find that it has "No results" for the search your doing?

And even worse you find the entries on the directory are over 10 years old and the company no longer exists.