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What is Whats What:

In a nutshell Whats What is Google plus more.

If you are a Business WhatsWhat allows you to pay for your business to appear in first position on the WhatsWhat search results page.

If you are a user WhatsWhat gives you added value beyond normal search engines, by pre filtering out irrelevancies (maps, dictionaries, related searches etc) to do with your search.


WhatsWhat is your live search engine for local high street businesses. It is similar to an Online Business Directory but it is always up to date.

And like other search engines you can advertise to be on the first page of the results, but with WhatsWhat your business is always guaranteed number one.

It is currently in English,  and gives you the results of what you are looking for with no extras e.g Dictionaries, Maps, or other irrelevancies.

If you are looking for more information than this, then we recommend you use another search engine.