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Brexit Deal

Posted by: Tophat
Date: 03/10/19

I have never understood how we have got into this Brexit mess. At the beginning, Theresa May was given the job of getting us out of Europe. Anyone with a modicum of savvy knows that when one party wants to leave and the other party wants you to stay, there is no common ground. So to firstly enter into discussions without the majory of MPs agreeing to the final exit terms document is rather foolish. Secondly as Europe doesn't actually want us to leave then common sense dictates, of course they are not going to agree a deal and of course they are going to agree an extension. If we understand these basic negociating tactics, to persist in expecting a deal under a "Deal" brexit is never going to happen. Why not just say "We are leaving on October 31 - you'd better make the most of it because "WE ARE LEAVING DEAL OR NO DEAL"
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Brexit How True

Posted by: RoyinSpain
Date: 2019/10/13

Yes I agree a rather daft thinkg to do and what a mess!!
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Brexit Lets just go

Posted by: Bill Wrexham
Date: 2019/10/13

Roll on 29 October
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