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Pedestrians on crossings

Posted by: Tophat
Date: 03/10/19

I have notice that in Spain, pedestrians on Traffic Light zebra crossings are so reluctant to cross the road until told by the Green light. Even if I am the only Car and I have stopped for them to cross, they will not venture onto the road until that light goes green!! I then drive off and wish I hadn't bothered. So now I never stop - Only for Red lights.
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Pedestrians on Crossings

Posted by: FredOlsen
Date: 2019/10/13

I have noticed three types: 1) Step out without looking, and oblivious to the road conditions. 2) Walking along the pavement, do a u-turn and into the path of an on-comming car doing at least 30 3) Cycling onto a crossing not only gives them a feeling of security and they actually think they have the right of way. - See you in Hospital.
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