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WhatsWhat Search Engine Advertising Rates:

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Single Town, Single Category
Rate 60 euros

Single Area or Region
Rate 120 euros

Single Country
Rate 240 euros

Rate 360 euros

* All rates are based on 3 months (12 weeks) advertising (for 6 months advertising add 50% more)

Note: We can also provide "Package" or "Bulk" advertising rates.

WhatsWhat Dynamic Business Directory Advertising Rates

Advertising in the WhatsWhat Business Directory is completely FREE but you can upgrade.

Upgrade 1) with Colour Logo  and "Click to Call" auto dial  e.g.

Enhance your business entry with a logon (banner) to attract more attention and "click to call" is particularly useful for business customers, who are on the move and want a simple one click method of getting in touch with the advertiser on their mobile.

Logo and Click to Call for:-

3 Months (12 weeks) Rate 60 euros

6 Months (24 weeks) Rate 90 euros

Upgrade 2) to an immediate five star rating.

Stay ahead of your competition for a year with an immediate 5 star rating.

With this 5 star rating you will also get immunity from your competition down rating your score, so you cannot be ousted from 5 stars for the duration of your paid adverting period.

Year - 145 euros