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How to Advertise on WhatsWhat:

On the homepage select "Advertising"

On the Advertising page, select the country (or Online) you want to advertise in, from the drop down countries list.

Fill in all the boxes on the page. Some of the boxes contain Auto complete to help you. 

To help you choose which is the best for your business see ...What Town in Whats What.htm

Both the Type of Business and the Town/Area should help you with auto complete (drop down suggestions). If you want to enter something that is not in the list and you feel it should be there, then please let us know (feedback@whatswhat.biz), but you can still continue typing your details.

If you are a small business or sole trader and you don't have a website, then don't worry we will include you in our online directory and include a link there. Just click the box and "directory" will appear in the website box.

You have a length limit on the description but you can include what you want including phone numbers. So what you enter is what will appear.

Select "FREE" , "Pay Agent" or "Paid Credit Card" - See Advertising Rates page.

Tick the "I have read the terms and conditions" box.

Then click "Place Advert".

That's it your advert is live! (for paid adverts your entry will be live until we receive the funds - max 48 hours) 

Advertising Tips and advice:

Fundamentally whatswhat allows you to take control of your advertising.
In a nutshell who are your customers, what do they search for and where are they located?
Put another way, it's your business and you should have a pretty good idea of where your business is coming from.
What this means is, as a business owner, you should have a clear understanding of what your business is good at, or what it provides as a service.

Coupled with that you need to understand where your customers are coming from and what they are looking for when you want them to find your business. e.g. if you provide "Hair Extensions" as a service, then promote your business as "Hair Extensions" in the Town/Area that you consider to have the most potential for business. For example it would not be good to advertise yourself under "Beauty Products" as it is too generic. 

We can provide this focus so your business appears as the number one choice for searchers. 

All you have to do is make sure think carefully about what you do and that your business is categorised properly on WhatsWhat. Then your customers will find you easily and you will be first on the page.


Duplicate message. This is because you have chosen the same type of business in the same Town or Area. Clearly there can only be one first entry in the same place. However the existing entry may still be available, if its a free entry or about to expire. It will tell you when its next available. 

Checking expiry date/status of existing entry. On the advertising form use the check availability link to see whether the "Category" and "Town" are available. If currently taken or is a free entry, then the expiry date of the existing entry will be shown.