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What is WhatsWhat:

WhatsWhat is an exciting new Web Site. Providing Businesses
If you run a business, whatswhat provides you with some great ways to promote and increase the visibiity of your business.

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and Users
If you are a user whatswhat can save you time and effort with our new search facilities in your local town or neighborhood.

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with some new, exiting and unique features.

Number 1) WhatsWhat Local Region Based A-List of businesses

This is an exclusive list of A-Listed businesses in your area. With the A-List you have the opportunity to monopolise the first position in search results. Forget SEO, you can buy this position for a small fee and monopolise this position in your area.  Basically if you are a business you can choose where and under what category you want to be found, then buy and monopolise your business trade (e.g. Plumbers) in your selected Town, Region or Country. We only accept one business in any location, so once its purchased it cannot be sold to any other business. So for example when a user searches for a Plumber in Torrevieja, ONLY your business will be displayed. 

Number 2) A Dynamic Business Directory. 

The Directory is Dynamic, which means your business moves up and down the search results (it changes all the time) so the most popular Businesses and Services percolate to the top of the search results.

It allows your customers the opportunity to rate your business and it gives users the most rated businesses first in the list.

This is new and unique and is the only business directory doing this.

Number 3) Local Business Classifieds.

The Business Classifieds Provide Businesses a local and targeted audience for their products or services. In many ways similar to Classifieds in Publications, but with many more facilities like Sound introducing your business (like a Radio Commercial), Video to promote your business, Editorial to give customers an insight to what you do and how to find yo, Link to Website and more.

Number 4) The Blog

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