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 11 May 2021  
Business Classifieds Advertising

* Send your Business advert or text to classifieds@whatswhat.biz *


1) Advertising with WhatsWhat Classifieds is only in your selected area, so keeping your costs down. Why pay for advertising in the whole Costa Blanca?

2) We are the Cheapest Local Classifieds Advertising around.

3) We are always on the first page of Google.

4) We reach the max number of your Local customers.

5) We have no print deadlines - same day live

6) Change your advert Free during (paid for) advertising period

7) You can advertise your event as little as 24 hours before the deadline.

8) You can include sound

9) You can advertise as a video with sound

10) You can advertise as animations.

11) You get FREE editorial (max 6 lines) to promote your business

12) You get a FREE link to your website.

Send your advert/requirements/text (png, gif, jpg or text) to classifieds@whatswhat.biz or we will design for you.